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    playing video from simple url doesn't work



      I would like to create a simple swf that will show a list of product's images.

      Clicking the image will show a video about the product.
      This should be played on an Android tablet (Samsung Tab 4).


      I have a constraint - I will be able to transfer to the tablet ONLY the swf file.


      I don't want to embed the videos inside since they are too big.

      When I tried to add a simple url, it seems to work ok in the flash pro CS6 studio, but once I tried to test it (ctrl + enter) it doesn't work.

      I have few questions:

      1. Is it possible to store the videos on a regular web server or it must be a flash media server?

      2. If it supposed to work, what might be the problem?

      3. Is there a better way to do what I would like to achieve?

      Thanks in advance,