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    Experience with ID CC 2015

    jimoe-sma Level 1

      Windows 8.1

      InDesign CC 2015 - desktop

      My experience with the current ID is quite mixed. It, of course, has an amazing breadth of capability. However, my observations are regarding its darker side.

      1. It crashes. A lot. I must restart ID at least 4 times each day, usually a lot more than that.

      The "crash" symptom  is when opening a file, it just sits there in some internal loop doing nothing. ID must be "End Task"-ed (Windows equivalent of Force Quit). There are other times when, as Windows puts it, "The task is no longer responding."

      Occasionally the loop occurs while it is allocating memory. This is bad. It consumes all of memory forcing Windows to start swapping to disk. It becomes exceedingly hard to get Windows' attention to kill ID in this case, as any memory freed by swapping is immediately consumed by ID causing more swapping.

      2. ID has huge memory leaks. I have 4GB RAM (not a lot, but enough); Windows uses 1GB. Barring any crashes, ID will use most of the remaining 3 GB after about 6 hours of use. Exiting ID does not always release the memory; often I must log out of the session as well.

      3. ID is sssslllloooowwww. Almost every action takes about 0.75 seconds to complete. Move some text? 0.75 sec. Change a paragraph style? 0.75 sec. Switch to text mode? 0.75 sec. Etc. It is easy to have a mouse click action ignored by moving the mouse too soon after clicking on something.

      Has any else seen these problems? Any recommendations to relieve them?