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    How to keep keyframes at current frames instead of subframes?

    Helton Rosa Level 1

      Hi, I'm working with in a huge subtitle project and I had to do some keyframe stretching with both ALT+dragging and trough the Stretch column. The thing is that now I need to make some text adjustments but since my keyframes are not at a specific frame (they rove at subframes) it keeps creating new keyframes (instead editing my current subframe keyframe). One solution I found for this was dragging the subframed keyframe to the closest frame and than editing it. The point is that I have a lot of frames for reviewing and adjusting and it would save me a lot of time if I had a tool to just snap all my subframed keyframes into their closest frame. I have some experience with Autodesk Maya and there is a tool to do this as well as an option to never put keyframes in subframes.