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    Need help installing Flash Player on a Windows XP Machine


      I am at the download step (for Adobe Flash Player) where the software has scanned and found 19 drivers out of date. It is asking to update the drivers.

      I am using Windows XP and have not been able to use Adobe Flash Player. But, my security software is AVG. I was asked to buy a driver update package which in trying to install screwed up my computer's operation so that the AVG representative needed to work for several hours to get my computer back to operating normally again.

      My questions are: should I update the selected drivers that have been found and what will that mean for finishing the Flash Player install?

      Thank you for your assistance here.

      Steven Stryker              301-924-2152             scstryker@juno.com

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi stevens90463732,

          Flash Player installer doesn't scan your computer for driver before installation, so I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Did you download the installer from the Adobe website or from somewhere else?  Is it AVG that is telling you you need to upgrade the drivers? Installing Flash Player and upgrading drivers are two separate things.  It's up to you to determine if you wan to upgrade drivers or not, but if you are using the official Flash Player installer, downloaded from the Adobe site, it should install fine, as it doesn't check for drivers or anything like that.