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    Script for data merge?


      I am working on a complex document to create labels for various clothing items. The document is linked to a .cvs file with a lot of data fields, and the total number of data items (or pages that will be created when merged) is around 16,000 pages. Everything is set up to merge correctly as far as I know, but the issue I'm having is that each different clothing style is designed as a different color (so all the data fields would be a different color on every page). I know I could make changes to the source document and have multiple master pages, but that's just not feasible with the thousands of different items. Ultimately I would end up with thousands of merged documents which is just not doable. The only other method I'm seeing is to merge the one document and then make color corrections to every page (again thousands of pages to go through, so not very efficient!) Is there a way to add a script to the .csv file to indicate which items should be which color that will override the indesign target document color setting?