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    Changes committing but not showing for others in RH9 & Visual Studio 2012


      Hi all,


      I work on a team of six using RH9 and VS'12 as our source save. It seems to be only my account that has the following problem, so I wonder if it isn't some setting in my instance of RH or VS:


      I make changes to a RH topic, both text and image changes, or to a shared file, like the Glossary, and then save/check-in. When another user accesses it, they perform a 'Get Latest' and unbeknownst to us all, my changes don't appear for that user and other users. When I open the topic, the changes show for me in both RH and VS. The other user goes back in, does another 'Get Latest', but still does not see my changes.


      It only happens periodically; not every time I make a change (so perhaps it is something I am doing?). Our workaround has been to have someone else copy/paste the image file, make the change for me, etc. But, as you can imagine, this is time consuming, frustrating, and dangerous; we can only fix what we happen to catch!


      Any help is much appreciated.