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    Edge Animate and TypeKit


      When publishing an Edge Animate banner ad to an AD NETWORK using TypeKit, what should the domains be set to in the Kit Settings, outside of localhost and ip

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Scott,


          Please visit following links and check if that helps,


          Edge Animate and typekit

          Adobe Edge Animate and Typekit (by Adobe) - YouTube




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            scott@masondigital Level 1

            I appreciate your answers, but unfortunately, they are both not solving this problem... If the banner is served on an ad network the same problem is occurring.


            I have the kit settings to include both "localhost" and the IP, but the fonts are still not displaying... the last publish date was Sept. 25 at 8:46 p.m. eastern.


            Any further help?

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              Ben, Adobe Type Adobe Employee

              Hi Scott,


              I'm sorry you ran into trouble here.  Typekit font licensing does cover using web fonts in banners that will be placed on third party sites, but the implementation can be a little tricky as you noted.


              In order for Typekit fonts to be used in any website, the domain name needs to be listed on your kit (set of fonts) in your Typekit account. When the Typekit JavaScript runs in the browser, it checks the browser referer against the domain listing on the kit. If the domain name in the referer does not match your kit, the font files are not loaded.


              If you know the domain name of the site(s) which be using the banner, you can simply include them on the kit and Typekit fonts should work as usual.


              If the banner may be used on a variety of unknown domain names, however, the best option is to serve it in an iframe with a known src attribute and include that source URL on your font kit. The iframe referer will match the URL in the src, not the parent page, and the fonts will load within the iframe.


              Another option is to use a font which is available in the Adobe Edge Web Fonts collection:



              Edge Web Fonts are free, so there is no referrer checking required; they will work on any domain name.  And the Edge Web Fonts are served from our font network, so you get the same speed and reliability as you do with Typekit. Edge Web Fonts does not include the full Typekit font library, but there are many similar selections which may work for your advertisement.


              I hope that this helps; let me know if you have any other questions.