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    Can't work out what's going on with a 'skewed' frame


      I'm an Indesign newbie working on a multi-page calendar document. I used the Calendar Wizard script to create the calendar pages which worked nicely, but somehow I've done something to one page that I can't undo.


      There is a frame on each page in which sits a table for the calendar dates. On every page bar one, the table sits nicely up against the edge of the frame. However on one page the table is indented slightly, and the frame shows a 'skew', as shown in the image. I've looked at all the measurements/text frame options for both the frame and table compared with other pages, and they're all the same. So how to correct this?


      Advice gratefully received.







      *Calendar 2016.indd @ 75% 2015-09-26 13-59-39.png