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    E Stream Error


      Hi there,


      Adobe digital Editions is telling me "Error getting license. License Server Communication Problem: E_STREAM_ERROR when I try to download an epub or pdf file that I have purchased from google play. I have previously downloaded these files with no problems.


      Any help appreciated.  I am not very technologically wise...




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          The same happened to me. Once I tried to add the ebook to the library, again, it worked.

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            jessr57806675 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I've tried a few times but I'll keep trying.

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              The streaming error has occurred due to a major upgrade in the internet regarding "secure communications". In the past Adobe allowed a person's email to act as the "user name" however the full email address was dropped after the "@" sign was typed. New security protocols imposed starting Feb, 2017 require the full email address to be used for the "user name". Delete all ascm files, clean your cookies and generally clean house. Go to the Help option in Digital Editions and "deauthorize" your compouter. Download a new file from the adobe content server and use Digital Editions to open the file. Since your computer is not authorized the program will ask you to perform another authorization. Examine your User Name and type in your full email address and then the Pass Word for your Adobe Account (you remember your P/W don't you?). With your full email address, Adobe will be able to provide a revised security certificate and the download will proceed as before. I learned about this problem with new security certificates when my own email system refused to work. I had to reenter all of my User Name accounts in various places in order to get everything working again.