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    I have a very very strange - apparently - problem with my lightroom 5 Text filter - No one seems to know how to fix it!! Help!!


      I need to pull up a selection of 300 photos that have different filenames. When I copy and paste the filenames on lightroom to search by Filter - Text - Filename - Contains : Lightroom pulls up ALL of the photos, not the selection. If I use same filter but with "Contains All", lightroom tells me no photos match the filter. If I take just one of the filenames and paste it there, then it will bring it up. If I take just the numbers from the filenames and paste them and search for Filter - Text - Contains, it will also show me the files - but my selection includes files with different filenames so two photos might be number 5, just with different whole filenames. I used to be able to search for multiple photos with different filenames without a problem, so I was able to do this before. I am really desperate as the problem is already veyr hard to explain - as you can see by the length of this!!- but also I cant seem to find ANY solution for this anywhere. Also, this happens with any selection and with any collection, it is not a problem with just one folder in the catalog. I have also checked that the filenames and extensions I am looking for actually correspond to the name and extension of the files in lightroom.