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    ids and effects in nested MXMLs

      Ok, my app is getting too big so I'm nesting, and man... that was a Chaos!

      ok, this has to be very simple, but how can I access to the id of a nested MXML? It should be so easy as just using the id but it isn't... I tried also with getChildAt(), but it seems that you cannot nest some getChildAt()... ex: id.getChildAt(1).getChildAt(0)

      I'm just trying to add some effects to the components of a Canvas in a nested MXML using target="{id}". When everything was in the same file there weren't any problems. Is there any way of making it just in MXML?

      Migrating from actionscript 2 to 3 doesn't seem to easy... I'm having really big problems to get used to this thing...
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          You should be able to use "." dot notation for any nested mxml component. If you add objects with action script, then they must be declared public for this to work. So if you have a form you've built with a firstName field stored as an external file you would reference the field as:


          where formInstanceID is the ID you've assigned when you included the form file
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            DaniOrama9 Level 1
            Thanks! it seemed to obvious that i didn't try that, I was just following the help system, and it was really confusing... I really think that Adobe should try to make it easier for actionscript 2 users and improve the help system for migrating...