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    LR CC so slow as to be useless


      I had LR 4 and was running happily on Windows 10.  I subscribed to CC at the beginning of September and was using LR CC OK, but it did seem a bit sluggish.  I have just come back from holiday and added 1,600+ images to the catalogue and the system just freezes anytime I try to do anything.  Library is very slow and will only display a fraction of the thumbnails.  As soon as I go to develop LR freezes.


      I have just been back to LR 4 and that still works fine.    At present CC is not workable. 

      Running on Intel quad core 3.1GHz 8GB RAM with Windows 10 Pro 64bit.  All images are Nikon Raw lossless compressed at 10 to 20MB.

      Any ideas?