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    Checkout in Russian?


      I'm trying to buy the software but when I'm asked for payment details it changes the language to Russian.


      If I select English it shows in English but only allows me to choose from ex Soviet States as country.


      My PC is in English and I am far away from Russia, so no idea why this is happening.


      Can anyone assist me?

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



          Did you try over another browser?




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            Pattie-F Level 7

            Please see if this helps:


            In the bottom left corner, select your region by clicking on “change region” if it has not yet been set, or  (change) next to the current selection to change it.


            Also, please note:

            The country of your payment address, the Country on your Adobe account, and the store you are buying from must be the same.

            Due to tax reasons, it's not possible to change the country associated with an existing Adobe ID, but if your Adobe ID is in the wrong country and you need to change the country, you can create a new Adobe ID with the email address that is associated with your current Adobe ID.  See link

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