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    How to convert from Aperture to Lightroom with Folders instead of Collections


      I'm converting from Aperture to Lightroom. Ideally, I would like the Projects that I've set up in Aperture to become Folders in Lightroom with preserved metadata to be able to control the structure.  And I'd like the Folders to be stored in the Lightroom library.  Is this possible, or must I do a date import with Collections as the organizing element.  I know there is another program that will preserve your Projects, but I think it keeps them with the Aperture program, and I was hoping to make this as clean and easy as possible with an import into Lightroom.


      Also, is it possible to bring in a Project or Folder from Aperture into Lightroom instead of the entire library to test this before importing the full library?


      Thanks so much for any guidance!