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    LR crashing during imports and developing after installing SSD drive followed by Windows 10


      I recently had my hard drive replaced w/ an SSD and also had Windows 10 installed. Previously I was running Windows 7 Home Edition. Had issues installing the Creative Cloud app manager, followed by more issues installing LR and PS. LR would launch, but would end up crashing. Contacted Adobe support and had to go in and to fix some file because of the error I was getting (didn't fix it), and can't remember the name of the file now. This was like last week sometime. Uninstalled and reinstalled LR, still crashing during import and developing.


      I have clients waiting for images and can't seem to get this resolved w/ "Customer Support".

      So I'm reaching out to my peers. Help please =\.



      Bored and wants to edit photos


      AKA Heather