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    Child control events

      Okay I have custom control based on panel. That contains 2 input text control 1 textarea and a button.
      I add my panel control in to a viewstack that has 2 canvas.
      Now My question is that how can I change viewstack canvas when I click that button in the custom control or alternative. how can i listen that buttons event.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Ok, I am still a bit soft on events, but since no one else has responded,try this (no warranty):
          in the component, dispatch an event, with the bubbles arg=true:
          <mx:Button click="displatchEvent(new Event("myButtonClick",true))" .../>

          In the main app, since the event is bubbling, you should be able to listen for it. In a function called by initialize or creationComplete:
          this.addListener("myButtonClick", myButtonClickHandler);

          private function myButtonClickHandler(event:Event):void {

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            thespark Level 1
            Thank's that works perfectly!

            btw this.addListener("myButtonClick", myButtonClickHandler); should be:
            this.addEventListener("myButtonClick", myButtonClickHandler);