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    Just subscribed to Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  Corresponds with buying a new Macbook Pro.  I am "Importing" my LR CC catalog from my Mac Pro to my MacBook Pro.  Is this a CC thing or a Wi-Fi thing?


      Ok.  I have Googled high an low, from Adobe to various forums to even YouTube, to try and clear up my confusion regarding my recent switch to Adobe CC and the simultaneous purchase of a replacement MacBook Pro.  I had no luck so I am asking for your help.

      First, a bit of history: I have been using LR since just after it was first introduced.  I consider myself well-versed with it: I think I pretty much take advantage of almost everything it has to offer.  However, I must admit that I have settled into the rut of what I specifically use it for.  I have a Mac Pro at my office and a MacBook (MB) that I have used on location.  Previously, when I was on location I only used the LR5 on my MB for tethering. I would occasionally create a catalog for whatever shoot I was on and then import it into my main catalog on my MacPro (MP) once I got back, but rarely.  Mostly LR on my MB was for viewing images and cropping and messing with exposure, color, etc. for the client.  I would wait until I got to my office to import the files from my MB to my LR5 catalog. 

      Now, however, with my new Adobe CC subscription and the purchase of a much more powerful MacBook Pro (MBP) I want to begin using LR on the MBP to import, convert to DNG, rename, blah, blah, blah. 


      - First thing I would like cleared up:  I was under the impression that because of CC I could have one LR catalog (via the Creative Cloud) and access it on different computers, in my case my MP at my home office and my MBP in the field.  I thought that would be ideal because I could add jobs to my LR catalog, edit files, etc. in the filed with my MBP and then have that reflected in the catalog in my MP.  But that is wrong, correct?

           But, I have learned from my research that I can put my catalog in Dropbox and access it that way on both computers, and that will accomplish what I thought Creative Cloud was going to.  Is that right?

      - Second thing I would like cleared up:  With my new MBP I downloaded the LR CC while in my office.  Without prompting LR asked me if I wanted to import my LR catalog and even knew on what specific HD I kept it!!  Like magic!!  I assumed this was being done because of the new Creative Cloud version of LR (which I had already set up on my MP).  However, because of the research I have found just enough to make me believe that in fact what is happening is that via Wi-Fi LR on my MBP identified my LR catalog on my MP's HD and is now building a new catalog separate from the one I have on my MP.  Is that right?


      I hope this made sense.  Thanks in advance.