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    can't import photos


      Creative cloud doesn't see some of my phtos that are either in NEF or JPG format. It will load some of the files but not all. I copied the files it doesn't see to a folder and while I can see the files when I look at the folder-when I try to import the files inside lightroom, it says that there are no files to import?



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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi richardp37310343,


          • As per the question , Lightroom is not able to import the images, are the images grayed out ?
          • And also could you please check if the images are already in the Lightroom Catalog.
          • If no, in the Import Window , please select the " Copy" option and make sure all the panels on the right are expanded.




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            richardp37310343 Level 1

            No .. the files I want are not there

            I have tried to import from several different folders that I have copied the files into to see if that made a difference.. What I see on my screen when the  folder file opens is .. "No items match your search" > I also tried dragging a file into the grid per the LR instructions.. And after a bit the arrow going around and around stops and nothing happens..  Any other ideas?

            I can open these files simply by double clicking on them -but LR doesn't see them for some reason..


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              Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

              Could you please attach a screen shot of the import window and the finder that has the images in it.

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                richardp37310343 Level 1

                LR wont load pics.jpgSure .. Here you go

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                  Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

                  I hope you are clicking on "Import" on the bottom left corner of the Library Module and then selecting the Source Location.

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                    richardp37310343 Level 1

                    I have tried that method which gives me the message in the middle of the screen shot I sent to you.. Also tried dragging a single photo into the grid per LR instructions.. It doesn't like these file for some reason..

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                      richardp37310343 Level 1

                      I tried renaming all the files in the folder.. No difference.. I also have Corel's  Painshop Pro X6 . A friend recommended that I try the CC version of LR. So that is why I am trying CC out. I have no problem loading these pictures into Corel PaintShop Pro X6.

                      Any ideas?



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                        Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                        In LR click the Import button on the bottom left of the Library module.

                        Import button.PNG


                        Once the Import dialog window opens on the left hand side, The Source section, Browse to the folder where images are stored (NOTE that can't be Favorites as that is not listed in LR. That is a Windows thing. The File browser section of the LR import windows only lists Real drives connected to your computer). So you will need to actually go to the real folder where they are stored. It looks like you have them in the Desktop Folder. That could be in your UserName folder under Users on the C drive or the Public folder of Users on the C drive.


                        Users folder.PNG





                        Import window.PNG

                        Once you find them click the Add button at the top of the import windows (Red outline above). The images should then show up.