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    How to export frames as png sequence from after effects, with a RGB and Alpha (for a transparent background) then place and use in illustrator?

    smbazalo Level 1

      So, I am making sprite sheets for a game in unity. Some of the animations require animation within after effects. I then exported the frames from after effects, as a png sequence with RGB and Alpha, to get a transparent background.


      From here I want to arrange these frames in Illustrator, perfectly in a sprite sheet sequence.


      The problem comes when I try to place these .png files in illustrator. Nothing shows up in the workspace, and nothing is selectable. The only thing that happens is that it shows up in the layers. Even from the layers I can't select anything.


      The .png files show up in photoshop and with their transparent background, but not illustrator.




      What I have tried...


      Restarting illustrator.

      Placing embedded

      Placing linked

      Dragging straight from finder

      Restarted computer




      Adobe CC, up to date.

      MacBook Pro, Late 2011