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    Photoshop layers not importing PROPERLY


      I'll try to be as detailed as I can possibly be because I have tried everything people have suggested.  Unless I'm missing some ridiculous setting that's not defaulted in After Effects but BOTH Photoshop and Illustrator Files are not importing properly at all. I'll use Photoshop as the example but both have the exact same problem. Now The complete .psd/.psb file imports just fine whether I choose Footage, Composition, or Composition with retaining layer sizes. Like Below, the preview is exactly what I designed, though I have each column of dots on separate layers, which in theory should import across layers exactly like seen below. (I've moved the comp into the layer file to fit everything on the same snap shot.)


      HOWEVER! Each layer is a solid square block that is definitely NOT what is suppose to be on that layer.



      I've ensured they were really spread across layers and that it was an RGB document with maximized compatibility settings checked and it seems no matter what I do the layers will not actually retain ANY original editing features, styles, or data from the .psd/.psb file other than the canvas size and colour used on that layer.



        Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?