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    lost a bunch of face tags


      I have been using facial recognition to tag photos from a wedding.

      I had done quite a few over several days, but there were several that I was not sure of the correct spelling of their names, so I waited to hear from the bride. I got confirmation from the bride on the ones in question, and started up Lightroom CC and started entering names again, in the people grid view.  Some how Lightroom got out of the People view as I was entering a name and ended up in the develop module, with the second monitor activated, and just hung. I finally exited Lightroom, and when I restarted and went back to Library/People there was only 1 (one) picture of the bride tagged! I had tagged all of the brides photos, before this. Now it is not recognizing the brides face at all, I have to open each photo in loupe view and then draw the face box and type in her name.

      How do I get lightroom to scan for faces again?