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    Published file skipping action script

      Alright, so I made and fully tested a flash document and everything worked great.

      On frame one, there is actionscript that reads gotoAndPlay("login_fr"). It works fine in the testing, and then when I publish the file, it passes it by and just goes to the "start_fr".

      I tried giving it a double safety net with frame two being a keyframe that has a stop action and the play action for the timeline, and it still goes straight to the "start_fr" (which is frame 6!) instead of login_fr as the actionscript asks it to.

      I have absolutely no idea why it's skipping this action script. Even weirder, if you click refresh, most of the time it goes to the login page first like it should. Any ideas? Or things that can interfer and set this off?

      File is published flash 8 with actionscript 2.0, bottom loading, with dimensions set to percent (100, 100).