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    How to paste an email to site with embedded pictures in original places in text

      I have a wonderful web site using Contribute 2. In what I thought was an unrelated issue, I have been trying to get emails I sent using AOL to my desktop or website so I can burn them on a CD. The issue is that these are a series of 12 long letters, each with from 10 to 34 images embedded in the letter. As of now, because AOL does not have a rich text extension for saving letters, I am not able to copy and paste the letters onto my website or to my desktop. The text gets separated from the pictures into two separate files. The original letters are stored on AOL but I cannot get them anywhere intact except as emails. I was hoping I could open a page on my website just to download the letters and access them though a web address.
      Can this be done? My try resulted in my pasting only the text. Can you help? I am not technically sophisticated, so please be kind.