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    Direct Select Tool not moving content (was Re: Troubleshooting 101: Replace, or "trash" your InDesign preferences)




      Thank you for the information on trashing the prefs.  I am have a small problem and hope you can help.


      System: Mac OS 10.10.5, Indesign CC Build Release 2015.1


      Issue:  In a new document, after setting a Rectangle Frame on a page and placing a graphic in it.  I place the direct selection tool over the center circles in the graphic and click and hold.  My grab hand does not change to a curser, I cannot move the graphic in the frame (Even though it is bigger).  After I have place the frame on a page, I cannot move the frame when I have it selected.


      I have used both methods automatic at startup of InDesign and the Manual processed you described to trash my preferences.  Not sure what to do next?