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    Issues with VB6 (not dot net)

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      I have been working on a massive project for around 8 years in VB6, (I know vb6 is no longer the choice of studios but to restart the project again in.net would be unthinkable!) flash is used in my GUI to provide a visually stunning background and user experience, I use Windows 8.1 and recently the flash player updated, the issue I have is the new update fails to bind when compiled and throws out an error, I have researched the error and spoken with Microsoft that explained it's caused by an OCX component, after painstakingly removing references to each component and rebuilding I discovered the cause to be with the new flash.ocx, all previous updates were fine, it's just the latest version?  If I remove the flash component "flash.ocx" and it's references, the executable compiles without issue and when inserted it fails.


      I have a second laptop which I installed a new build of windows 8.1 and reinstalled vb6 studio then flash, I built a simple application on there referencing only the flash OCX and the same issue occurred again?


      Is there anything that can be done to fix this compatability issue or is there there anyway I can download an offline installer for an older copy of flash for the development of my application?


      It would be such a waste of years of development and resources to have to start again so I am trying to avoid doing that at all costs


      Any help would be greatly appreciated