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    How to distribute text in a list to separate text boxes?

    Aragiss Level 1

      I'm making a sort of student list with photos. (Not sure what it's called in English, since it's not my native tongue)


      I have a list of all the school students' names and school numbers. I need to place them in separate boxes like so;




      I've been doing this for a couple of schools every year. Normally, I just copy and paste each student's number and name one by one. So the process is like:


      1- Go to the full list and copy the student's number.

      2- Paste it to the text box on top of the student's picture.

      3- Go to the full list and copy the student's name.

      4- Paste it to the text box at the bottom of the student's picture.

      5- Do the same thing for the next student.


      Obviously, this is very time consuming, and it can take a few hours, depending on how many students there are in a school. I'm trying to find a way to automate this process. By the way, I'm not very familiar with scripting. Is there a readily available script I can use for such a task, or will I have to make one. Where should I start?