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    coldfusion 9 standard and running JSP or servlets


      Hi everyone!


      I have a problem. I inherited a pretty large coldfusion/javascript website, and I've been asked to begin transferring the cfm files into Java EE. The idea is to replace the existing environment (CF 9 Standard) to Java EE. The javascript will probably remain the same.


      I used these instructions to call a jsp/servlet from Coldfusion:

      Adobe ColdFusion 9 * Interoperating with JSP pages and servlets


      The issue is that I'm finding it difficult to call jsp or class files from Coldfusion. What's worse is I can't seem to call them from the javascript either. So I'm wondering if the Coldfusion 9 Standard web server is capable of calling external java.


      I found this on possible incompatibility, but it doesn't cite a source:

      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21489377/jrun-http-500-response-error-hander-not-workin g-with-cf-standard