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    Lightroom Rapidly Scrolls Through Images and Deletes Files


      I am using an iMac OS 10.7.5 and Lightroom 5.7. While working in Lightroom the catalog will rapidly start scrolling through the images until it gets to the end, sometimes hundreds of images with no way to make it stop. Once it was done and I went back to continue where I had left off, all my images were gone, as well as all images on both my main drive and backup drive that I had loaded into Lightroom. Has anyone else run into this problem? I lost some very important images from jobs I have shot! Please advise!

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Lightroom will scroll 100's of photos in Library Loupe view when the cursor in on the main photo when using OS X and the Magic Mouse swipe gesture.  I have not been able to make it less sensitive and it is annoying but workable if careful.  That being said, I never have heard of Lightroom deleting files this way.  It seems impossible that it would also delete the files from the backup drive if Lightroom is not even referencing these files.