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    Moving images to Links folder with Adobe Bridge


      For the first time, I'm using Adobe Bridge to keep track of images for the book I'm working on.  I have no trouble dragging an image from Bridge into the InDesign document — works fine. However, I eventually need to get those images (which are on two separate hard drives as they are very, very large folders of images) into the Links folder in the InDesign document folder.  How do I get those images collected into the Links folder?


      Do I need to "Package?"  I'd rather avoid that until the end of the production process.  I know the first suggestion is likely to be "put all your images onto the same hard drive as the documents" but for various reasons, that isn't really possible in this situation.



      Question #2:  I need have each chapter start on a right-hand (recto) page.  I've done it on half a dozen projects before, but I have just flat forgotten how to do this. I've searched on the web and Adobe help and can't find this answer.