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    FEATURE REQUEST: Naming layers within Adobe Draw

    ReformDesigns Level 1

      Hey there Adobe team,


      Would really like to be able to rename layers!


      photo (2).jpg

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I can recognize your art without even seeing your name. I'll be passing this, along with Vonster's thread (https://forums.adobe.com/message/7987868#7987868) about layer naming on to the team.


          Thanks for taking the time to draw the request.



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            Vonster Level 1

            Don't hold your breath. Their so-called feature updates are moving at a glacial pace.


            This lacking ability is only going to be helped by also increasing the layer amount too. Right now you get ten layers and that is it. That is just too limiting for complex illustration. And not having an eye-dropper tool makes the creative process a very frustrating one when you compound it with layer limits. The whole app is a huge creative mess and they are slow to resolve anything.

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              davidmacy Adobe Employee

              Hi Von,

              I don't think that insulting the app or the app team is going to help anyone. I have immense respect for your work, but not for that approach to communication.

              BTW, the app does have an eye-dropper.



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                Vonster Level 1


                I think they need to take ALL feedback more serious then. Many people have issued more than valid complaints regarding the very limiting features of Adobe Draw, the response has been at best shallow promises with very little to no change afterwards.


                Adobe markets this app as a pro mobile app, they make it pretty easy to move art from it to Ai on the desktop but when or if you do it's virtually unusable due to the overwhelming amount of anchor points to the degree that Ai will pop up a warning notifying you of such. How is this good programming? How is this professionally acceptable for pro users? Those are rhetorical btw. You know it isn't acceptable. I did one design and moved it to Ai and it had 80,000+ anchor points and the design was pretty simple. That is just bad coding. If that statement offends an engineer then they aren't focusing on the real issue, poor performance.


                If someone looked at a drawing of mine, or a design and said "That part sucks!" I suppose I could take offense or I could focus on the causation and fix it. I get art direction far harsher than my forum posts and it makes the end product better, so maybe they need to focus on their attention to detail. Understand how real pros use the apps and make it flawless before they release to the world and get offended because we don't do a golf clap over its poor performance.


                A digital app like this should ease the creation, and upon initial release should have all the basics rock solid. This one doesn't. It's a glorified noodler app right now. It makes doing pro level work more frustrating than it should be. Adobe Ideas was more intuitive, not perfect but far faster and had basic features like portrait and landscape mode. So sorry if my post offended you but I'd venture to bet most designers who seriously sat down and tried to execute a full-blown illustration would be just as frustrated as I've been at times and would agree with my sentiment.


                And if you think it's just me that thinks this than I don't know what to say? Maybe they should think through features more before releasing half-baked functionality. Move to Ai is excellent in theory, very troublesome in actuality. If all feedback has to be posted with kid gloves what is the point of feedback? And when they don't respond to anything with any distinct timeline how is that helpful to users? Hell Adobe doesn't even have a user manual you can download that goes over all features? Why not, I'd rather read through a PDF like that then try the app so I know I'm not missing anything.


                So many things in this app are buried 5 clicks deep, or not intuitive that most will never find them.


                I think too many read into stuff as if I'm directing it at an individual, I'm not. A developer team? Sure, that is fair game, that is the point of getting feedback. In essence, we are art directing their art (app) and finding problems that need fixing. Almost a year without a fix on these is absurd.


                And no the app doesn't have an eye-dropper tool it was removed, they hide the function as a long hold on the color and now instead of being fast and easy it's clunky and takes longer and you have to click OK. Another example of poor design UI design, you have to click OK? That is web 1.0 functionality right there. I googled about eye-dropper in Adobe Ideas and you know what I couldn't find anything that said a long hold on color activates it. Hence why an owners manual of sorts would be good to have or a page on a website at least. Something.



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                  That attitude is unhelpful. That attitude is the exact perception a lot of people in our community have of Adobe. We don't care if you defend your products. We don't even mind if you get frustrated and grouchy. We certainly love being grouchy ourselves. What we do care about is that unhelpful attitude … the attitude that seems to shout "We are so much smarter than you because you couldn't find some hidden feature in a sloppy mobile app." It's that attitude that prevents Adobe from being truly innovative all the time.


                  You could have shared how to use the eyedropper. People use these forums as a knowledge resource because Adobe has repeatedly pointed people to the forums whenever they have questions or feedback. You didn't do that, however. You decided it was more important to call a guy out for being honest and then tried to invalidate his criticism by casually tacking on a "BTW" statement with zero explanation. So any user that stumbles across this forum post still gets zero information from you. They must now google it. Super helpful.


                  You are getting honest feedback from actual creative professionals. It's not always gonna be sugar coated. A lot of it has to do with how long most professionals have been giving feedback and watching it sit, gathering dust. I know it's hard to believe, but the engineers at Adobe that play with the software prior to inserting half-baked features or cobbling together unintuitive interfaces are not creative professionals. They are engineers. Being an engineer is a lot different than being an illustrator. I can't code. I can't do what they do. I'm not insulting them at all when I point out problems or oversights. I have immense respect for the individuals that do what they do. It's hard work. But, I have no patience for teams that consistently overlook obvious issues and ignore user feedback.


                  When Adobe software doesn't deliver on the over-hyped promises of pure creative freedom, Adobe will get called on it. When the company culture is all about making software accessible to the lowest common denominator, Adobe will get called on it. When Adobe repeatedly ignores feature requests for years and years, Adobe is most definitely going to get called on it.


                  I have an enormous respect for people that listen to and apply the feedback they are given. I appreciate people like Sue, that take the time to respond and pass along our feedback. I appreciate what I can do with this software.


                  I wish Adobe simply appreciated us in return.


                  Very sincerely,



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                    davidmacy Adobe Employee

                    Hi Sean,

                    I'm very sorry that my comment gave the impression that I think the people at Adobe are smarter than our customers. That is definitely not how I feel. I always tell people that the reason I love working at Adobe is our amazing customers. I am constantly in awe of the things that you can do with creative tools and the incredible passion many of you bring to your work and to your feedback on our products. Feedback through forums like this is truly valuable to our teams. They may not always be able to respond through new features or bug fixes right away, and sometimes the way that they do respond may not be quite what you were expecting, but that certainly does not mean that they are ignoring you.


                    My comment about the eye-dropper probably should have been followed by saying "long press on the current color to access the eye-dropper", but Von already knows that. Touch screen devices present a very different user experience challenge than desktop computers with mice and keyboards, and we're always working hard to find the right balance of UI and gestures or of more features vs. simplicity. We're still learning, and we don't always get it right, but I can tell you that we have some very dedicated and hard working people who care a lot about these problems.


                    With sincere respect,


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                      Vonster Level 1



                      Eye-dropper WAS a tool in the first incarnation of the app. They removed it and hid it. No instructions on functions is bad support.




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                        ReformDesigns Level 1

                        I appreciate the lively discussion.

                        I can echo Von's frustration - as well as the frustration of others I've seen around the forums - that there seems to be a huge race to create more apps as opposed to focusing on the ones that already exist.

                        (Not saying this is the case - but it is how it appears).


                        I know I for one have been less than enthused with how many bugs I've run into since upgrading to CC from CS5 - but I also understand it's a much different ecosystem with a lot more moving parts.



                        Either way - I think Adobe Draw could really set the standard for illustration/vector apps on the App Store - but there are some really vital features that make it difficult for me to do so at this current point.


                        I use it pretty frequently but it can get very frustrating when working with multiple layers. Hence this post.

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                          ReformDesigns Level 1

                          Thanks for implementing this everyone!

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                            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                            Thank you so much for this post. I'll be sure to send the team your "thanks." Funny, too, when I heard the feature was making its way into Draw, I thought about you and your wonderful art.