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    Click Tag in Edge Animate

    animonkey13 Level 1

      I am very new to Edge and not a programmer in any way. I have successfully built my banner animation but can not figure out how to add a click tag. I have reviewed the various posts on this subject but it is over my head and I can not follow. Does anyone know if there is a video tutorial on click tags in Edge? I can't believe Adobe doesn't have one. I would image this would be a very common or popular subject. It makes me wonder was edge the right program to try and build an html5 compliant animated banner? or is there a better way t do this?


      Working in Edge CC 2015


      Thank you in advance for any advice!

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          rosebudd Level 3

          You may find the Doubleclick Studio Edge template in page 300x250 template useful, as the DC logo is a button that clicks through.


          Rich Media Gallery | Template Database


          Simply make the DC logo 0% opacity, and change the dimensions to cover the entire ad. Make sure it is the topmost layer, because unlike Flash, button position matters. Or make your own 0% opacity button with the rectangle tool.


          In the actions for that button, change Enabler.exit('Clicked on'); to


          window.open(clickTag, "_blank");


          In your published HTML document, remove the script tag call to enabler.js, as you won't be using it if your ad is not rich media, and put in its place


          <script type="text/javascript">

          var clickTag = "https://www.google.com";



          If you do not uncheck use CDN in publish settings change http to https


          Zip your published folder contents.


          Your other option is to use Google's free banner app, GWD.


          Rich Media Gallery | Template Database

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            animonkey13 Level 1

            I was able to get this to work using their sample download file. However, when I tried the same technique in my own file the link would not click through. My published

            HTML document did not seem to have a script tag call to enabler.js, so I was not sure what part to replace if anything. Below is my code (which I have not modified manually).



            <!DOCTYPE html>



              <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>

              <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge"/>


            <!--Adobe Edge Runtime-->

                <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://animate.adobe.com/runtime/6.0.0/edge.6.0.0.min.js"></script>


                    .edgeLoad-EDGE-1724517141 { visibility:hidden; }



               AdobeEdge.loadComposition('ucla1439-wh-300x250-1_4_ms', 'EDGE-1724517141', {

                scaleToFit: "none",

                centerStage: "none",

                minW: "0px",

                maxW: "undefined",

                width: "300px",

                height: "250px"

            }, {"dom":{}}, {"dom":{}});


            <!--Adobe Edge Runtime End-->




            <body style="margin:0;padding:0;">

              <div id="Stage" class="EDGE-1724517141">







            Which part should I replace with below code?


            <script type="text/javascript">

            var clickTag = "https://www.google.com";




            Also, just to show you what I did in Edge...


            I named the button layer with my 0% opacity shape which covers the entire screen "Clicktag".

            I Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.27.49 AM.png

            Then I copied the window.open(clickTag, "_blank"); code into the action field.

            Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.26.03 AM.png


            When I published everything it also produced a JS file. Do I need to modify that in any way?

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              rosebudd Level 3

              Unless you are doing Rich Media slated for Doubleclick Studio, you do not need enabler.js.


              You do need to add this outside the Edge Runtime comments


              <script type="text/javascript">

              var clickTag = "https://www.google.com";