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    Add color themes to library without editing

    StanfordAlan Level 1

      If I search on the website for color themes and add one to a collection, I'm sent editing the theme. If I want to return to my search, I have to enter the terms again and start all over. If I try to just go back, it starts me on Explore.


      How can I avoid this? I'd rather not go to the editor at all, but at the very least, how can I return to my search results?


      I'm happy to search within the desktop apps if that's the solution, but I don't think that works anymore.



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Stanford,


          Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.


          Seems the web app "assumes" that saving to your personal library means that you're probably going to want to make changes to the theme that you didn't make when you first clicked Save to Library. I could not find an alternative to being taken to that Edit page. And you're right. Searching for themes inside the desktop apps simply launches the web app.


          In other words... I don't have any solution for you except to just keep copying and pasting your search terms. Wish I did.