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    How to move pictures to another drive???


      I have just noticed that, over the past few months, I have accidentally imported a large number of pictures from my camera to my computer's hard drive instead of my external drive, which is where my pictures normally reside. I have around 40,000 pictures on my external drive, which is where I want them, and now also around 2,000 pictures on my computer's hard drive, which is where I don't want them.


      I have tried all the options I can find in Lightroom to move the incorrectly imported 2,000 pictures into their correct location on the external drive and for Lightroom to see them there. I have tried performing "Update folder location" on the folders on my computer's hard drive after I have  already copied the files into their correct location on the external drive - all that happens is that the pictures are duplicated in Lightroom and Lightroom still doesn't see the files on the external drive. I have also tried "update folder location" without first copying the files across to the external drive - this way, nothing at all seems to happen. I have tried importing the pictures from the computer's hard drive into Lightroom to be copied onto the external drive - but the pictures are dimmed out and Lightroom won't permit their importation (yes, I have switched off "don't import duplicates").


      I've run out of options. Surely, this can't be so difficult!


      I am running Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 on an iMac. My external drive is a QNAP RAID. I'm using sidecar files.