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    Hello, I'm running LR6 on a powerful Mac. WHY IS IT SOOOOOOOOO SLUGGISH?


      Hello, I'm running LR 6.1.1 on a Mid 2010 Mac Pro with 2 x 3,46 Ghz 6 core intel xeon and 128 Gb Ram under OSX 10.9.5. WHY IS IT SOOOOOOOOO SLUGGISH?


      I have a Quadro 4000 GPU, I tried GPU acceleration on and off, and it doesn't make much difference.


      I'm running LR from an SSD and my library is on another SSD, why the sluggish performance?


      I noticed in my task manager that LR doesn't make use of more than 15% of available processor resources or the memory.


      I'm doing real estate photo, so I use the HDR merge function a lot, the results are very good but I think it is ludicrous that there is no way to batch process.

      And even when I am using the CTR+SHIFT+H the computer chokes, sometimes for HOURS when I have more than 7 processes at the same time.


      Can someone at ADOBE please address this problem.


      Thanks in advance,


      Frédéric de Thomaz

      Frederic de Thomaz - Agara Properties +32 478 548 302 fdethomaz@agara.be