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    Page Numbers not Showing up

    Jack Level 1

      My masters include two versions with white and black page numbers, respectvely. In general, the black-number masters are used with images that are not covering the numbers, and white numbers with images that do cover the numbers, because the image portions near the borders (where page numbers lie) are usually black. In one instance, however, the image is light-colored, so I have chosen the black-page-number master.


      What I'm finding in this case, however, is that the black page-numbers are not showing up on top of the image. I checked the layering order and the image is in back. If I apply the master containing light page numbers, the page numbers do show up. In master view I checked layering of the page numbers and brought them to the front (top). If I delete the image I see the black page numbers. If I select "arrange" for the image I find "Send backward" and "Send to back" greyed out.


      What else can I try, to get this resolved?