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    Lightroom 6/CC Export painfully slow

    gswarbrick Level 1

      Not just slow. Ludicrously, unusably, costing me money slow.


      Setup is an overclocked 3.1Ghz i7 (running up to 3.3GHz), 16Gb of RAM, SSD (mSATA Samsung 850 Pro) with OS, app and catalog on, second SSD (SATA 850 Evo) with photos on, cache on RAM disk. Windows 10 and LR 6.11.


      Exporting anything is painful, but the current example is 131 Nikon D4S and D810 files from RAW to 648 pixel wide <200k files (not my choice...). It's overwriting old versions and it took 20 minutes to bring up the 'Do you want to overwrite them?' dialog and has now been over an hour 'Preparing to Export'. Based on the previous batch, I would estimate that nothing will happen for about 40 minutes after the Preparing to export dialog disappears, then it will start exporting and take about an hour to actually do the export. Prior to the last update, I reckon that whole sequence would have been 5-10 minutes... I've optimised the catalog, but that didn't help.