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    After Effects - OpenEXR Object ID's


      I am using 3DS Max and Vray to generate my renderings. Within the renderings I have put 3-4 object ID's. Once I pull the EXR's into After Effects I am able to get one of the object ID's, but the rest do not show up. I have tried multiple variations of ID Matte, EXtractoR, and IDentifier, I still only see the one matte version. I saw online that I probably need a text file to tell after effects there are mulitple ID's, but I can't find an example anywhere or how I should go about laying out the text file.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          fnordware Level 3

          If there are in fact different ObjectIDs, you should be see them with IDentifier. Apply it to your image in the default Colors mode, and different IDs should show up as different colors after you click and choose your ID channel. To get a matte for a particular ID, switch to Alpha Matte and enter the ID you want, as configured in your 3D program.