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    Want to update, which catalog?


      Okay, stay with me, this is a bit of a labyrinth (sorry),


      So, before upgrading to LR CC 2015, I thought I'd organize my photos/catalog a little bit better--I started using LR before I understood the architecture and had multiple parent folders where the photos were kept. After moving things around, combining folders, etc., I was horrified to discover all my settings disappeared, but I solved that by loading up a backup catalog and searching for/merging folders--thankfully, the settings and all my collections returned. Whew. Now, wanting to upgrade, LR CC 2015 is asking me which catalog to select, so I'm a bit iffy on selecting one. My currently selected catalog is in the backups folder (and, is indeed, a backup), and I'm somewhat terrified to switch over to any other catalog, for fear of misplacing everything again. So, my questions are these: How do I save the (backup) catalog I'm currently using as the default/present/completely updated catalog? It also seems I have a "lightroom" and a "lightroom2015" folder, both of which contain catalogs that were last modified yesterday before I restored from the backup, I'd be happy just to get rid of those, as I only use a single catalog. If I update my current (backup) catalog, I worry that I'll be creating a bigger mess because it'll be pulled from my backups and stored there. Oy!


      Like I said, A labyrinth. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks