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    reverse animate and hide


      I am trying to achieve. I have pieces on a board (globe) with countries.  What I am wanting to do is on hover menu an image slides in and on mouseout it slides out. when the user clicks on it, then the menu item sticks in place and on the board a piece of one country animates and stops. this piece also has a X on it. if the user clicks the X then the animation reverses and the menu item slides back out. here is my code:



      sym.$("icon1-over").css({"left" : "800",

      "-webkit-transition" : "all 1s ease" });


      so the animation piece of the puzzle is on a label it jumps to. the issue I am having is that i cannot show other pieces together. this animation for each country puzzle piece I have is made into a symbol, I was thinking that would be the best way but it still does not solve my problem, since symbols are independent of the timeline. what I cannot figure out is if the user clicks on any of the menu items, open that country with the animation, and if they want to add to the puzzle piece by clicking another menu item to add to it, because these are on labels which the clicks jump to, so not all of them would be able to be viewed at once. I can also attach an example zip if someone can take a look.