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    LR6 doesn't recognize .nefs from D7200


      I installed LR6 in my Macbook Pro and upgraded to Yosemite at the same time.  LR6 works as well as previous versions on my .jpegs but doesn't recognize the .nefs.  It imports only the .jpegs even though the .nefs are next to them in PHOTO and are selected.  What am I missing?

      Thanks, Ron

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Please tell us exactly what you see happening, and please quote any error message exactly as it appears, unedited, word-for-word.

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            khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi rjb,


            Nikon D7200 is supported with 6.0 version of Lightroom.

            As you already have Lightroom 6.0,  so have you used Nikon transfer for transferring the files, if that is true , please do not use Nikon transfer and directly try to import that to Lightroom.




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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Ron


              It's usually necessary to clean up whats left behind after updating OSX if you did that after installing LR6.


              Try trashing the prefs. Start by quitting Lightroom 6.


              Launch Finder and click the Go menu whilst holding down the Option (alt) key. Then go to Library >> Preferences and clear everything relating to LR6 which usually means deleting the following files:





              Then re-launch Lightroom.

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                rjb6893 Level 1

                The D7200 .nef files were imported along with .jpegs to Photos (formerly iPhotos pre-Yosemite).  I learned from earlier searches that Nikon Transfer doesn't work for the D7200, so I just use what's on the Macbook. From "Latest Import" in Photos, I select, copy, and paste into the appropriate album in Photos.  I can see them there when I bring up an album.  Starting with "Import" in Lightroom, I click on the desired .nefs.  When they open in LR6, they're .jpegs, not .nefs - no error messages, etc.

                Being new to the Mac world, I can't find a Go menu under Finder, but detrashing sounds like a good place to start.  Please keep your suggestions coming - they are appreciated.


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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Apple usually puts the masters in a hidden "package content" folder to prevent iPhoto and Photos becoming corrupted. Whilst iPhoto allowed for external editing Apple is still working on a similar feature for Photos.


                  When you launch finder Go is on the top menu bar. The user Library is hidden until you  press Optn (Alt) at the dame time as clicking the menu.


                  I would suggest you copy the NEF files to a new folder in Pictures then in LR use Import "Add"


                  That will ensure LR & Photos are kept separate.