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    Lumix LX100 RW2.

    juan josec86076789

      Good afternoon. I am writing to you to do you the following query: Recently, I bought the Lumix LX100, which as you know your RAW files are RW2. They are compatible with both Camera Raw, including the latest versions of Lightroom. I bought at the time the license Lightroom 4. RW2 not recognize the files, I purchased the upgrade to Lightroom 6. This version if acknowledged, but in developing the module, add the tab for camera profile appears only me Adobe Standard profile. I do not camera profiles appear, and revealed it to me much more tedious and less faithful to the original RAW. I have the Panasonic software, but rather use Lightroom, which is much more intuitive and am used to it. They know that this is due? I can guide?

      Thank you