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    Director on Mac OS X

      HI there,

      I hope this is the right forum for this query.

      We have a set of Director Projector files (.DIR), which were creted for Mac OS 9 using older version of Director. However, we are working towards supporting Mac OS X for this product. During investigation we found that Macromedia Director is yet to support Mac OS X natively (though it works as a carbon application on Mac OS X).

      Now the question is can we use these DIR files we have created in Mac OS 9 on Mac OS X (both Intel and PPC machines)? Our target is to make our application an Universal Binary (which supports Intel and PPC Mac natively).

      Please guide me on the related material (SDK, XDK) that we must be using to achieve this?

      Apart from this, is it possible to convert the .DIR files to Flash (.SWF) and use on Mac OS X?

      Any pointers are hugely appreciated..

      Thanks and BEst regards
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          A new Director version is promised in "early 2007" is should support
          Intel macs, Director 9 (mx) or 10 (mx 2004) supports PPC osx natively.

          Director's xtra based extension scheme allows it to support Flash, there
          is no extension facility allowing Flash to play director files. At best
          one can export a director animation as a non-interactive linear
          animation, perhaps to to played as a Flash video.