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    Attempting to delete page in doc with different page sizes in InDesign causes spinning pinwheel


      Hello Community!


      I'm on a MacBook Pro and have InDesign CC 2015.1 release ( Build).


      Example Scenario:

      I have a document with five pages. Four of the pages are sized at 8.5x11", the last page is sized as 4x6". Deleting a page (doesn't matter which sized page is deleted), InDesign goes into not-responding-spinning-pinwheel mode. It's never actually crashed the app. I have to manually force quit the program EVERY time after I've attempted to delete a page.


      It doesn't matter what the page sizes are or how many pages are in the document, as long as at least one page is not the same size as all the others, I get the spinning pinwheel and have to manually force quit the program. It also doesn't matter if there is any content on the pages as well.


      I've tried everything from restarting the computer to uninstalling and reinstalling InDesign, but the same thing happens with old docs and new.


      Has anyone else had this issue or is it just screwing with me?