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    Auto sizing pages on different screens




      I am using RH11 for the project I am working on and I am publishing to WebHelp Pro. What I have seen is that when I view the project on different screens it doesn't auto size and then I have to scroll to view the content. Is there a possible way with WebHelp Pro where I can have the project auto size so if fits different screens the same?



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          johndaigle Level 4

          Hi, Sabrina

          Because you mention you are using WebHelp Pro, can I assume you are publishing to the RoboHelp Server?

          That certainly the correct layout if you are publishing to the RoboHelp Server.

          What you describe is where Responsive HTML5 layouts can provide a solution.

          Unfortunately, at the present time, Responsive HTML5 is not supported on RoboHelp Server.

          So, if you are not publishing to the RH Server, then, choose the Responsive HTML5 SSL and publish to a conventional web server.


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