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    ColdFusion Reference - No More Wiki - Are you kidding?!

    sdsinc_pmascari Level 2

      So, I just tried to look up my bookmark to the Adobe ColdFusion Wiki only to be met with an SSL certificate error.  Thinking, surely this was a mistake, I added an exception in FireFox and continued only to get redirected to a supposedly new CFML Reference at helpx.adobe.com.


      Who is in charge of this bonehead move?


      First off, the new docs can't be edited by the community like the Wiki could.  God knows they needed help.


      Second, there's no search?  Only a "Community Search" (whatever that is) that returns: "Error 413 Header too large" when I search anything.  Listen, Einstein, if I'm in the reference I don't want to search the Community!  I want to search the REFERENCE to quickly find what I need.  Oh wait, there's a Search link up top.  Let's use that.  Search: CFPDF.  After waiting 25 seconds for results to come back I get nothing but links to the ColdFusion 9 docs?  Brilliant!


      The level of stupidity in this move by Adobe is hard to comprehend.


      I'm off to use CFDocs.org and losing all faith in Adobe to do right by CFML.