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    Flash freezes all browsers on any site that uses it.


      Hey everyone,

      I've got a pretty serious issue here that's not allowing me to do basically anything on my computer.

      For the past week or so I've been fiddling around with this. I use a Lenovo ideapad U410, and this has happened with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Edge and firefox will give me the "page unresponsive" and Chrome will say either "This page has become unresponsive" and ask me if I want to kill it or wait, or it will have a yellow bar across the top that says the shockwave flash plugin is unresponsive (I don't know the exact quote, as I don't have the error right this second.)

      Basically any time I go to a website or webpage that uses flash it will freeze the page and become unresponsive with the errors above. I've already tried rebooting my computer, following instructions to enable/disable plugins in the browser (currently they are enabled), as well as completely uninstalling flash and reinstalling it. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled chrome for good measure. Nothing. Maybe once or twice it's happened where I've been able to watch something on Youtube or another video, but within a short amount of time everything freezes up on me again.


      Very frustrating. Any help would be great.