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    Symbol Rotation




      I am a beginner so please bare with me. I am trying to get the star in the picture below to move using the controller. I have managed to get the star to move in all 4 directions, but for some reason I cant get the rotate button to work.



      I have the following code in  CompositionReady


      $( "#Stage_up" ).click(function() {

        $( ".star" ).animate({ "top": "-=50px" }, "fast" );




      $( "#Stage_down" ).click(function(){

        $( ".star" ).animate({ "top": "+=50px" }, "fast" );




      $( "#Stage_right" ).click(function(){

        $( ".star" ).animate({ "left": "+=50px" }, "fast" );




      $( "#Stage_left" ).click(function(){

        $( ".star" ).animate({ "left": "-=50px" }, "fast" );




      $( "#Stage_rotate" ).click(function(){

        $( ".star" ).animate({"rotate": "+=20deg"}, "fast" );



      If someone could help me figure out why my symbol will not rotate it would be much appreciated. Additionally, I would like the X symbol to reset the entire composition. Here is a link to my files and thank you in advance for your help.

      Dropbox - tester