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    Upgraded to LR CC and it runs very very slow.....???


      I have been using LR 5.7, and it runs great and is fast....

      I'm using Windows 7, with C Drive, 1 TB,  that has windows and programs on it and is less than 1/2 full

      also an internal K drive, 2 TB, with just photos on it and it is less than 1/2 full


      8-core AMD processor

      16 gb ram

      2 monitors

      wacom tablet

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card

      all have Suddenlink upgraded transfer option for the internet


      Now I've upgraded to LR CC and it runs very very slow....

      takes 12 sec to load a photos and open it in the Develop module and all of the edits lag behind and are very slow....

      I checked the preference on both version and they are exactly the same....

      And it shows that LR is recognizing my graphics card and that box is checked....


      Can someone please help with any info to solve this problem..

      Thank you....

      Kenny Reeg