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    Premiere Elements 12 / DVD output problem... interlace lines


      I used Premiere Elements 12 to build a slideshow with music from JPG files.  The output WMV file looks very good, but when I use PE12 to burn the same to a playable DVD (not a data disk) it looks crappy and has bad interlace lines that are not visible in the original file.   (Have been using default settings. But tried changing FIELD OPTIONS to "Always Deinterlace" but it made no difference on the burned disk.)


      Any suggestions for burning a disk that better reflects the original playback quality? 


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is involved? Have you updated 12 to 12.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates. Please do that.


          To your immediate issue.


          Where are you creating this slideshow - in the Elements Organizer and then outputting it as wmv which you then import into Premiere Elements? Or something else? What are the pixel dimensions of your photos and how many of them are there? Are you bringing the originals into the Elements Organizer or cropping resizing or just resizing before import into the Elements Organizer?


          What is your goal NTSC or PAL DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc or something else?


          I am not seeing why you are having interlaced issue with just jpeg photos which do not have fields. Are you setting up a PAL project and trying to export NTSC or vice versa?


          Depending your details, I would like to see a manually set NTSC DSLR 1080p DSLR 1080p30@29.97 project preset set before you get the Elements Organizer Slideshow into Premiere Elements (if that is what you are doing). And, I would like to see the Elements Organizer Output as Edit With Premiere Elements Editor rather than Save As File or Burn to Disc.


          But I need more details to put a plan together for you to consider.





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            mschubb Level 1

            Thanks, ATR.


            It's Windows 7 64bit and PE12 version 12.1.   I created the slideshow using Organizer with about 200 images, all JPGs under 3MB.    Exported it as a WMV for NTSC Widescreen and the WMV looks great.   (The problem is in authoring the DVD version using that same file.  That's what plays back with interlace lines.)


            I do not see any option for saving the Organizer Slideshow for anything better than 1024x768 WMV.   But based on your suggestion, I just tried several times to send the project directly to Premiere Elements Editor but each time if produced an ADD MEDIA FAILURE box with "The importer reported a generic error."

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              mschubb Level 1

              UPDATE:  Rebooted and tried again.  Now have the Organizer slide show opened in the Elements Editor timeline.   What settings should I adjust?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                Please let me know the pixel dimensions of that 200 images. You just gave me the file size.

                With that information I will suggest a workflow to get you a NTSC DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc.

                And, I will go over the plan step by step to determine if we are on the same course.


                What I am going to need

                1. Pixel dimensions of the photos that you used in the Elements Organizer slideshow editor

                2. Output Choice that you made


                And, what you did with the wmv slideshow after you outputted it.

                a. Did you save it to the computer hard drive and then import it into Premiere Elements with Premiere Elements' Add Media/Files and Folders

                b. Right click its wmv thumbnail in the Elements Organizer and select Edit with Premiere Elements Editor

                c. Something else?


                What were the steps that you took when you tried to use the Edit with Premiere Elements Editor choice under Output?


                I will look for your reply in the morning morning, and we will comment then.





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I did not see your post 3 until after I had posted (post 4).


                  In the Premiere Elements Editor, go to Edit Menu/Project Settings/General, and tell us what you see for Editing Mode. I suspect it is going to be 1080i.


                  We will go into all this in detail in the morning morning based on the information that I requested in post 4.


                  But, if you want to experiment...please try this...

                  1. You probably have your slideshow on the Expert workspace Timeline in a movie format (the whole slideshow is together, rather than showing each of its components separately)

                  2. Do you see any black borders in the monitor view? If so, click on the monitor to bring up the image's bounding box with handles, and then scale the image with one of the bounding box handles just to the point where the black borders are not seen.

                  3. Then right click the file on the Timeline and select Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow. This is only possible when the Elements Organizer Output is Edit with Premiere Elements Editor.

                  4. Edit the Timeline or leave it as is

                  5. Go to Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc and make sure the preset  = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD. Burn with DVD disc in burner tray.


                  To be continued....thanks for the follow up.