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    Problem working with tiff files since upgrading to Lightroom CC


      Since upgrading to LR CC when I make edits using another editor/plugin called from within lightroom to .tiff files when the file is saved back into LR content is not refreshed from when the item was exported into the plugin or PS CC. When LR is shut down and restarted the previous content changes become visible. It is very frustrating to have to shut down and restart LR everytime I want to create a BW image in PS from a .tiff or use plugins from DxO filmpack. Note this was not a problem in LR 5.


      I have tried uninstalling and re-installing LR and various plugins in a combinations. This does not resolve the problem.



      I am running Win 10, 64-bit LRCC 6.1.1 PSCC and all versions are the latest releases


      This has been a problem for nearly 3 months now. are there any plans to fix this soon?